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At each point in the process, you can provide an explanation of what is needed, and display controls that allow the user to make selections and enter text.

Certain types of multi-step tasks lend themselves to the wizard form. For example, in Windows, several wizards involve connectivity functions to the Internet or corporate network, or to peripheral devices such as printers and fax machines.

Here the function of the wizard is to mediate between something known and stable the out-of-box operating system and something unknown and variable connectivity arrangements with a phone company or Internet service provider.

The complexity of computing ecosystems is significant enough now that it is genuinely helpful to use wizards to reduce that complexity. Other types of tasks that work well as Windows wizards include high-end functionality such as speech and handwriting recognition and rich media experiences such as configuring options for making and publishing movies.

Wizards can also be deployed for more basic multi-step tasks, such as troubleshooting. In short, if different users are likely to want to experience your program in widely different ways, this can indicate the need for a wizard and its capacity for multiple user input points.

For your program, it is worth a little design time up-front to determine what function your wizard is serving, and whether that function really does rise to the level of deploying a wizard.

Design questions naturally arise around the number and organization of pages and options. Microsoft used to advise that wizards of three pages or fewer be designed as simple wizards, and those of four or more pages use an advanced wizard design see the Windows User Experience guidelines from But current wizard design standards dispense with what had been one of the key differences between the simple and advanced forms the use of the Welcome and Congratulations pages , so these categories now feel inadequate, and the number of pages determining the design choice seems arbitrary.

Your wizard should be as long or short as the task requires; there is no fixed guideline for its length. A one-page wizard should really be presented as a dialog box, so two pages is probably the most condensed form possible for a wizard.

This task has so few options that presenting it as a wizard would be wasteful. A dialog box is the appropriate form for this user interface.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you have a wizard that includes multiple decision points and branches, and frequently results in users losing track of their navigation path, you have exceeded a practical limit and should reduce the length of the wizard.

Alternatively, you may be able to break the wizard up into several distinct tasks. As you determine the most appropriate length for your wizard, pay particular attention to your target users.

Programs for end users such as home consumers and office workers tend to use wizards to hide complexity; the wizards are as short as possible, with clean, simple page design, and pre-selected defaults for as many options as possible.

By contrast, server wizards or programs intended for IT professionals tend to be longer and more complex. This group of target users has a much higher tolerance for making configuration decisions, and may in fact become suspicious if too much complexity is hidden.

If a wizard by nature simplifies a complex task, it should do so relatively minimally for a technically sophisticated audience, and relatively aggressively for a novice user base.

This wizard page is well-designed for end users because it reduces a potentially complex subject to a simple, logical binary choice: In the setup wizard for Microsoft SQL Server , page design is busier and the numerous choices require more thought, but the target audience is database administrators who expect tight control of feature selection.

Finally, pay attention to how frequently the particular task might be performed. An infrequent task may deploy a longer wizard, whereas frequent tasks should definitely favor brevity.

For longer wizards, you may need to create branches of the task flow in which the sequence of pages may differ according to the user input provided "upstream.

We recommend no more than two decision points that will cause branching in the entire wizard, and no more than one nested branch within a single branch.

For guidelines about creating a stable user experience within a branching wizard, see Branching in the Guidelines section of this article.

Navigation guides can be useful when there are many steps in the task, and users may lose their place in the sequence, or simply want to know how much longer it will take to complete.

Navigation guides often appear as a list of pages or sections of the wizard, looking a bit like a table of contents, in a column or pane on the left side of each page.

Although the list persists throughout the wizard the same list of pages appears on each page , there is some visual means of indicating where the user currently is in the sequence for example, using bold to distinguish the active page or section.

Navigation guides can be sequential or non-sequential. The sequential type presents the past pages along with the known future pages.

You can present the future in terms of steps instead of pages if the steps are known and pages are dependent. You can then populate pages dynamically as they become known.

Because the navigation sequence is fixed, the navigation guide isn't interactive. Non-sequential navigation guides are interactive, so users can revisit previously viewed pages directly.

They can also skip ahead of the navigation sequence for pages that are designed to be optional. Optional pages must have defaults that are acceptable in most circumstances.

With this type of guide:. Users can become confused about the meaning of the Back button in this scenario. Does clicking Back lead you to the previous page or section in the navigation guide, or the last page or section viewed?

Because Windows wizards now place the Back button in the upper-left corner of wizard pages, rather than in the lower-right corner with the other commit buttons, users think of Back functionality as they do on the Web.

So the best solution is to give your Back button the Web navigation meaning clicking Back should lead to the last page or section viewed , and use the wizard navigational guide for sequential navigation.

Wizard design involves not only decisions pertaining to the entire task flow, like how to handle navigation and the branching experience, but also those pertaining to the individual pages that make up the wizard.

The most important principle for designing good wizard pages is that of integrity: Wizard pages are significantly more usable if each one hangs together conceptually, dealing with only one aspect of the overall task.

The main instruction is the primary means of achieving this. Clearly identify the goal or purpose of the page to users.

Supplemental instructions , and any controls on the page, all pertain directly to the main instruction. Although wizard pages should present users with options for which some thought is required, that effort doesn't feel like work because it is tightly focused by the integrity of the page itself.

Unfortunately wizard designers often mistake users' rapid clicking of the Next button as evidence of the usability, simplicity, and integrity of their pages.

While such an experience suggests that the defaults were well chosen, it also suggests that the wizard wasn't really necessary because all the choices are optional.

In terms of visuals and text, pare down these elements to the bare essentials. Resist the urge to bundle up multiple sub-tasks on a single page the "burrito wizard" or to resort to tabs for presenting complex input requirements.

A single page should cover a single sub-task of the overall task of the wizard. With three tabs of fairly dense user input required, this wizard page is trying to accomplish too much.

In most cases, maintain the size of each page throughout the wizard to foster a consistent look and feel. Although Windows wizards allow for resizable pages so that the size of a page matches the amount of content, only a few make use of this option.

And finally, maintain structural elements of each wizard page through the sequence. For example, don't move the Back button from the upper-left corner back down into the commit buttons area for a page or two.

This level of layout consistency helps users feel stable within the wizard. Think of this as a baseline for the visual integrity of a page.

Users have a low tolerance for reading big blocks of text on screen, and even less so within a UI surface whose express purpose is to move expeditiously through a task.

Wizards have a tendency to over-communicate. They take up a lot of space on the screen, which seems to encourage a drive to fill the space.

It's like a variation on Parkinson's Law: UI text will expand to fill the space available. One culprit in this excess is redundancy.

Because of templates used in early wizard design, the same language might appear in multiple locations on a page, such as in the title bar, headings, body text, control labels, and so on.

It's worth it to hire a professional editor to prune your wizard text ruthlessly. Eliminate unnecessary questions and options on individual pages, and eliminate entire pages from the wizard as a whole for example, the traditional Welcome and Congratulations pages.

Get right to the point of the page with a concisely written main instruction, using language your target audience uses to describe the task, not the jargon of the technology or feature that you or your team uses internally.

This user-centric approach is vital to improving the communication of your program's wizards. Pay special attention to the tone of your wizard: In wizards, users are comfortable with a friendly, conversational tone, with liberal use of the second-person pronoun "you" when the program is asking for input.

For more guidelines, see Style and Tone. Reducing word count on the wizard page is generally commendable, but be careful not to go too far.

If the task is important and warrants a wizard, users do appreciate having enough information to make wise choices.

The following example shows how wizard text can be condensed without sacrificing meaning. The edited version of this wizard page provides a task-oriented main instruction, removes the unnecessary explanatory paragraph beneath the main instruction, and revises the check box label to clarify the check box's purpose.

Map the task you are trying to accomplish with the appropriate UI to do the job; don't simply default to a wizard when you think you need to collect a lot of input from users.

Think carefully about the length and structure of your wizard; prefer short, non-branching wizards to keep the experience as simple as possible, so users can get back to their primary task or interest in your program.

Ensure the integrity of each page in your wizard: Consider lightweight alternatives first, such as dialog boxes, task panes, or single pages.

You don't have to use wizards—you can provide helpful information and assistance in any UI. Use wizards for multi-step tasks. Use multi-page dialog boxes for single-step tasks with feedback.

For more guidelines, see Dialog Boxes. In this example, Windows Network Diagnostics consists of progress and results pages.

Because the task is only a single step, it does not require the navigational buttons that users need in a wizard. It is effectively presented as a multi-page dialog box.

Choose a window size that can display all the wizard pages without vertical or horizontal page scrolling.

While the controls on the page may require scrolling, the wizard pages themselves must not. Size windows large enough to perform their tasks comfortably.

Page layout shouldn't be cramped or require users to scroll or resize excessively. But don't make windows excessively large.

Larger windows make the task feel more complex and require additional movement for interaction. Use resizable windows for a wizard that can benefit from more screen space but doesn't require it.

Assign an appropriate minimum size. Resizable windows are helpful when pages require interacting with resizable content such as large list views.

Consider using dynamically sized wizards whose page size changes as needed for its content. Doing so allows a wizard to accommodate page layouts with a wide range of content.

Prefer static sizing over dynamic if users may perceive the changes as a lack of stability in their experience of the wizard. Visual stability often trumps accommodation of content.

Most wizards should adopt standard, static window sizes, with dynamic sizing reserved for special cases. Prefer non-branching wizard design over branching.

Non-branching wizards tend to be simpler, shorter, and easy to navigate. Branching wizards make it more difficult for users to determine how many steps in the task, and where they are in the sequence.

If you must branch, help users orient themselves by using one of the following techniques: A common technique is to indicate the user's location in the sequence on each page, such as with the phrase Step X of Y.

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