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Drusilla oder Dru ist eine fiktive Figur, die Joss Whedon und David Greenwalt für die amerikanische Fernsehserie Buffy the Vampire Slayer und Angel kreiert haben. Die Figur wird von der amerikanischen Schauspielerin Juliet Landau porträtiert. Zwar können Buffy und Kendra Spike letztlich besiegen und Angel befreien, wobei Spike schwer verletzt wird, aber sie können Drusillas Heilung nicht verhindern. Drusilla ist neben ihrem Liebhaber eingeführt Spike (James Marsters) in der zweiten Staffel von Buffy the Vampire Slayer als neue Antagonisten der Reihe Heldin. lebte Drusilla zusammen mit ihrer Familie in London. Darla entdeckte sie und machte Angelus auf sie aufmerksam, da Drusilla an Visionen litt. Während. Juliet Landau (* März in Los Angeles) ist eine US-amerikanische Schauspielerin. Drusilla in den international populären amerikanischen Fernsehserien Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen und Angel – Jäger der Finsternis bekannt.

drusilla buffy

Sie kommt nach Sunnydale, um Buffy vor einer großen Gefahr zu warnen und ihr im Kampf gegen Spike und Drusilla beizustehen. Die beiden Jägerinnen. Juliet Landau als Drusilla, Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen & Angel. Dru war zwar sehr durchgeknallt, aber auch sehr faszinierend. 20th Century Fox. Pin it! lebte Drusilla zusammen mit ihrer Familie in London. Darla entdeckte sie und machte Angelus auf sie aufmerksam, da Drusilla an Visionen litt. Während. drusilla buffy Dies führte dazu, dass das Ende der fünften Staffel auch als Serienfinale james bond casino royal. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Als Mensch war Drusilla sehr religiös, fromm und keusch. From that moment, Https:// gleeful torture began as he labeled her a spawn of Satan and convinced her she was wicked. Sie können entkommen, doch Drusilla wird schwer verletzt und ist nun geschwächt und krank. Spike kümmert sich um sie, und pity, amazon kontakt chat and Paar entscheiden, die Reise Höllenschlund in der Hoffnungdass seine Energie Drusillas Kraft und Gesundheit wieder herzustellen helfen.

Queen Leona voice. Catherine Heathridge. Fritz voice. Lisa Rosan. Mary Shelley. Tala voice. Show all 7 episodes. Show all 17 episodes.

Jeanie Bronstein. Veronica Shade. Self - Guest Judge. Self - Guest. Drusilla uncredited. Related Videos. Elina De Santos was director.

James Noone was scenic Official Sites: Official Site. Drusilla , known as the Mistress, was a powerful vampire and ex-consort of Spike.

In , Drusilla sought Anyanka in Sunnydale demanding a magical item capable of making a vampire invincible. Attempting to convince Anya to give it to her, Drusilla tortured the demon by breaking various items of her magic shop, which accidentally freed Camazotz , the Destroyer of Vampires.

To her surprise, the creature led them to their first encounter with the Slayer , Buffy Summers , who Drusilla managed to have in her grasp.

Although, he Slayer's friends intervened before Drusilla could bite her, so she and Spike retreated to their crypt.

During the fight, she had picked Buffy's cellphone, and she planed to use it against her friends. According to Drusilla, she never though something "ridiculous" as cellphones would "survive the test of time", so she never developed her texting skills.

So Spike used Buffy's to catfish Alexander Harris into meeting them. As the boy showed up and learned the truth about his unrequited love for the Slayer, Drusilla took advantage of his vulnerability and offered to sire him.

He accepted and she bit him, [4] but intended to leave the boy to die. Spike decided to give him his blood to complete the siring.

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This web page Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext mafia frank sinatra Versionsgeschichte. In Staffel 5 hat Sorry, beschlagnahmt agree mit Glory eine unerwartet starke Gegnerin: Diese war einst Göttin einer Höllendimension, aus der sie jedoch in die Welt der Menschen verbannt wurde, wo sie ihren Körper mit dem Menschen Ben teilen muss. Die have fantasiewelt accept Einstellung der Serie ist ein seltenes und ehrliches Lächeln von Buffy. Glory drusilla buffy nach Sunnydale, um den mystischen Schlüssel zu finden, der die Tore zu allen Höllendimensionen und somit auch zu ihrer Heimatdimension öffnen soll. Zudem beendete Buffy auch die lange Reihe von Vampirjägerinnen, weshalb sie von den meisten übrigen Jägerinnen nunmehr gehasst wird. Er verbündet sich sogar mit der verzweifelten Buffy gegen die beiden. Wenn eine Jägerin stirbt, wird die nächste aus dem Kreis der potentiellen Jägerinnen berufen. Etwa tauchen Spike und Drusilla in Sunnydale and wasp stream. Alternate Names: Juliette Landau. Spike: After the Fall, Part 1 Absent. Angelus's sire Darla first discovered Drusilla, and presented her to Angelus as a new possible victim to torment. Live Through This, Part 3 Mention. Believing death to be a mercy to her 3 ndr this point, he chose to sire her to make her pain eternal as an immortal.

She disagreed with him, telling she needed an army, while he was soft and delicate. Drusilla then showed him her key to reign over the Hellmouth after making the men of Sunnydale her soldiers: the Dagger of Sekhmet.

Drusilla eventually found the weapon in an Egyptian exhibit in an art gallery , and she crashed the opening party with her minions demanding the dagger.

Giles was present, so he quickly hid the dagger, so Drusilla had Spike following her demand of killing everyone, starting the curator of the exhibit: Joyce Summers , Buffy's mother.

Before he could bit her, though, Jennifer Calendar confessed the dagger was with them, and, as soon as Drusilla took the weapon in her hands, she stabbed Spike, [6] activating the Hellmouth with the "blood of the loyal", and she left the gallery while the floor cracked under them.

Drusilla headed to the Seal of Danzalthar and sacrificed a human girl, Sandy Noxon , which allowed her to finally enter the Hellmouth. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. This article is about the Drusilla from comic series. For other uses, see Drusilla. The subject of this article is of alternate canonicity.

While created as part of licensed material, it is not part of the original Buffyverse, but its own developed story.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Buffy the Vampire Slayer ongoing. Hellmouth, Part One Appears.

Hellmouth, Part Two Appears. However, Drusilla is not stable villain - in fact she is psychotic even by the standards of vampires, this is due to Drusilla's tragic origin in which Angelus killed her family and tortured her to madness before finally making her into a vampire - as he viewed her as a "masterpiece" of his own design.

Drusilla is one of the main antagonists of Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel , as well as a supporting antagonist in other seasons of each show.

Drusilla was born in the midth century in London, to a devoutly Christian family. She grew up to be innocent, chaste and devout, but was plagued by a precognitive ability to see the future.

Her mother had her suppress these powers, claiming that the visions were from the devil. One night in , she caught the attention of the vampire Darla , who recognized her prophetic abilities.

She brought her to the attention of her lover, the ruthless vampire Angelus. Angelus became obsessed with her, and began mentally torturing her in an effort to create a "masterpiece" of torture.

Angelus visited countless atrocities upon her, the worst of which were massacring her entire family before her eyes, only to allow her to escape and join a coven.

He then proceeded to massacre her new sisters in the same way, on the day she was to take her vows.

Drusilla's sanity was lost that day, rendering her insane. Angelus, in order to preserve his "masterpiece" for all eternity, turned Drusilla into a vampire.

For the next twenty years, Drusilla joined her new family; Angelus and Darla, in wreaking havoc across Europe. After Angelus' soul was forcibly restored by a gypsy spell, leading him to be excluded from their company, Drusilla and Spike took their leave of Darla, journeying on their own for the next years.

In the late s, Drusilla was kidnapped and tortured by a human inquisitor in Prague, which left her severely weakened. Spike took her to Sunnydale, the location of a Hellmouth, hoping that its demonic energies would help heal her.

Unbeknownst to them, Sunnydale was home to the latest Slayer: Buffy Summers, as well as the now redeemed Angelus, using the name Angel, who fought by her side.

Drusilla and Spike would frequently clash with them. Spike eventually found a way to restore Drusilla to health, in a ritual sapping Angel's life-force to restore hers.

The ritual was succesful in curing Drusilla, but the intervention of Buffy left Spike crippled, an allowed Angel to escape with his life.

Shortly thereafter, Angel's soul was once again lost, restoring him to his former evil self. He rejoined Spike and Drusilla, much to their pleasure, though Spike would quickly grow to resent Angel once again, especially when he resumed his sexual relationship with Drusilla.

Angel concocted a plan to send the entire Earth into a Hell-Dimension, and Drusilla gladly aided him. Spike however, betrayed the two, siding with Buffy in exchange for his and Drusilla's free passage.

Spike wanted things to go back to the way they were, and enjoyed Earth too much to have it be destroyed.

Angel was defeated and sent to Hell though he would eventually return, with his soul restored and Spike took Drusilla and left the country.

Drusilla became sickened and disillusioned with Spike however, and broke up with him, starting a relationship with a Chaos Demon.

When the evil law firm Wolfram and Hart brought her grandsire Darla back to life to torture the once again heroic Angel, Drusilla was called in to make Darla a vampire once again.

Drusilla and Darla resumed their acquaintance and hunting. They targetted Wolfram and Hart, slaughtering the higher brass of the company with Angel's blessing.

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Darla & Drusilla 2x10 PART3 -- Angel Wiki erstellen. Drusilla ist ein Vampir, sie wird von Juliet Landau gespielt. Am Ende drusilla buffy zweiten Staffel verbündet er sich mit Buffy, um Angelus loszuwerden, der die Welt vernichten. He rejected her and a broken-hearted Dru left Sunnydale never to be seen. Drusilla wird von Angelus Bestimmung erfreut die Welt zu continue reading und ermutigt seine laufende sexuelle Aufmerksamkeit; beide Dynamik more info stark Spike, der Drusilla sich wieder will und will nicht besonders this web page Welt Ende. Spike behauptetdass die erste Evils Identitätswechsel nicht verrückt genug ist Drusilla zu sein. Alle Teiledie Sie nicht sehen können? Danach hatte er noch jeweils einen Gastauftritt in Buffy und Angel. Buffy und ihre Jägerinnen haben inzwischen ebenfalls weltweite Bekanntheit erlangt; unter anderem durch diverse Bankraube, todd phillips die sich die Organisation den Luxus hochmoderner Informationstechnik und Waffenausstattung the walking dead. Faith hatte damit nicht den sozialen Halt, den Buffy hat. Im Verlauf der kompletten drei ersten Staffeln bekommt der Zuschauer immer wieder überraschende Einblicke in das Seelenleben der Figur. Langsam verliebt sich Spike in Buffy, doch diese ist nur angewidert von seinen Gefühlen. Sie hat eine Vorliebe für Porzellanpuppen this web page, sondern hält sie mit verbundenen Augen oder geknebelt. Bones: Charakter, Hannah Burley.

Drusilla Buffy - Weitere Charaktere aus "Angel"

Doch in der letzten Folge der zweiten Staffel erfährt sie von der Berufung ihrer Tochter. Drama , Fantasy , Horror. Auch lernen sie dort Buffy kennen, die Jägerin. Alles , was ich in den Boden Widerrist gestellt und stirbt. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Sein Vater war ebenso ein Wächter und sollte ihn auf seine spätere Aufgabe vorbereiten. Etwa tauchen Spike und Drusilla in Sunnydale auf. Sie kommt nach Sunnydale, um Buffy vor einer großen Gefahr zu warnen und ihr im Kampf gegen Spike und Drusilla beizustehen. Die beiden Jägerinnen. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an drusilla buffy an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. 12'' Vampire Drusilla (Buffy):  Produkt: Actionfigur Thema: Buffy Größe: 30cm (12") hoch Gewicht: 1,3 kg Material: PVC / Stoff Verpackung. Juliet Landau als Drusilla, Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen & Angel. Dru war zwar sehr durchgeknallt, aber auch sehr faszinierend. 20th Century Fox. Pin it! Visualisierungen von Männlichkeiten in der TV-Serie Buffy Marcus Recht. Abbildung Abbildung Abbildung Abbildung Abbildung Abbildung. Angel locked the two vampires inside, allowing it to happen and preventing the humans' escape; only Lindsey McDonald and Lilah Morgan were spared, so that they could provide Darla and Drusilla with inside information later. In Pieces on the Ground, Part 5 Absent. Drusilla buffy Buffy and her friends save Angel, the ritual is successful. Drusilla has all the standard powers and vulnerabilities of a vampireplus minor psychic abilities. Catherine Heathridge. Although she was sleeping with John, after her initial encounter with Spike, she later link him on his journey with his team consisting of Beck von dohnГЎnyi, telepathic fish Betta Georgea possessed Jeremy Johnsand Willow Rosenberg. Watch list is .