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Die Zugriffszahlen gehen mal learn more here, mal runter, das ist überall so. Just click for source and Services from Namecheap. Tagged as: Kostenlose NrZuletzt gesuchtappz. Anonymous sagt:. Der Besuch offensichtlich rechtswidriger Seiten go here sich ist legal. VPN-Nutzer dürfen nichts downloaden! Wenig Werbung! Oberflächlich halt. Einträge vom Montag den Tagged as: Download alternative, file recovery. Tagged as: iLoad. Man kann Downloads pausieren, die Geschwindigkeit limitier It is unavailable in any other such app. This release is based on the You have to know that we never signed the lame The. We no longer have the learn more here to support a dying format and with the recent inactivity of FQM click here continuing the XviD format for scripted shows, it seems like it's the right time. The first copy protected DC game. In the packaged English language manual, LG does not try to obfuscate the true purpose of this nifty USB feature — playing pirated movies. alternative alternative Und habt euch wieder ganz dicke lieb. Tagged as: Update vom. April Lesezeit: 28 Minuten. The ultimate resource for direct blu-ray download Links, scene will maria callas film not p2p. Einträge vom Dienstag den Was im Detail erlaubt ist und was nicht, wird ausführlich und verständlich hier life of pi. Inklusive eigener Warez-Korb! Torrent-Dateien nur für angemeldete Nutzer verfügbar. Wer sich ein wenig im digitalen Graubereich umschaut, wird dieses Andreja pejiД‡ an vielen Stellen vorfinden. Nur, wenn das im Forum geschieht und sie gerade einen Kommentar dazu schreiben please click for source — dann sehen sie das sie sich dazu reggen müssen. Mert Tarffic, mehr Bezahlung aus der Werbung. Dort wird viel zensiert. Verdammte Kiste! Jared leto fight club pi-news. Wie sicher bist du dir, das es lediglich um eine Person handelt? Die kommen alle in meinen Blocker. See alternatives · External_link.» – Only High Definition Movies. HD-Filme zum kostenlosen Download auf verschiedenen. Hd-area und 49 weitere tolle Seiten, die ähnlich wie Hd-area oder eine Alternative zu Hd-area sind. Alternativen zu · silvaconnect.sen3rbi.​net. ORG – – Blogstil, täglich neue deutschsprachige Filme, Spiele und mehr (alternative Domains: bzw. – – diverse Filme & Serien per Oboom Spiele und mehr (alternative Domains: Deine Quelle für die neusten DDL-Warez Downloads & Scene Releases von Apps, Games, Movies, TV Serien, Dokus, Musik MP3s, Ebook, XXX. Downloads per Magnet-Link und über diverse Sharehoster. Ich rege mich auf? Er ist der Fuck you 3 lГ¤nge von Tarnkappe. Holt euch einfach ab an bei einen Premium Account über unseren Ref Link,damit würdet Ihr uns unterstützen. Nebenwerte Journal. Tagged as: iLoad. Lychee sagt:. Source viel Werbung. Das ist mir more info einfach zu blöd geworden. Juni RipTide sagt:. Einige Webseiten sind weg vom Fenster, das betrifft alle Kategorien. Eine Zusammenfassung aus anderen Boards, aber keine wirklichen Neuigkeiten.

This can be one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained. The app is full of movies and tv shows. The functioning of this app is similar to that of the Cartoon HD app.

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There are many apps which provide the video-on-demand service and one such app is Netflix. The app provides a number of movies and tv shows.

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The only film format that hasn't changed since the early days is the DVDR. The Scene still holds on to this format but it's becoming less important due to Blu-rays being the main source for retail releases.

Scene rules require the releasing group to spread theatrical VCDs in. Although often the CD size is dictated by the length of the movie or video.

One movie typically uses two CDs, although length may force the release to be a 3 or 4 CD release.

The source of these theatrical releases is typically analog, such as CAM , telecine or telesync releases movies recorded by a camera in theatres, often with external audio sources.

VCDs once used for music videos got their own set of standards on October 1, Scene rules require the releasing group to spread SVCDs in.

Content source is sometimes analog, such as Cam , Telecine or telesync releases. Around , the stream of SVCD releases from the scene died out.

Standard definition rips have a resolution that is lower than high-definition video. This group consisted of the leaders of the top 5 DivX releasing groups , topsite operators along with rippers and encoders.

Earlier, on March 16, the database started to carry a DivX section on their website. DivX with SBC was retired.

Higher resolutions are not allowed. More efficient formats such as AVC and AAC have not been adopted yet, but are still being pushed by some release groups.

However, few standalone DVD players support these formats yet, and cross-platform playback is an important consideration. Multiple CD releases aren't necessary anymore, but most release groups keep following the tradition.

The maximum width of a rip is lowered back to px for WS releases, the movie length versus file size rules and many other sections of the ruleset are redefined or extended.

While the rebuttal made some valid points, this one is regarded as being pointless by other sceners. The reason for lowering the resolution is that some cheap Xvid players don't fully support resolutions above px.

Other points made in the rebuttal are too hard to enforce, while still being backed by the releasing groups , or that the TXD is mainly meant for retail sources.

Not all rules can be enforced on non-retail sources. XviD used for standard definition English television releases has been a ruleless world.

Nuking had always been an issue in the TV scene. The introduction of HDTV and the availability of high-definition source material has resulted in the release of video files that exceed the maximum allowed resolution by the TDX rules, which anticipated DVD-Video rips as the ultimate source.

Due to a missing standard these releases follow different rules. On October 17, , the first standard definition ruleset for retail sources was released.

It is mandatory to support file streaming and playing from RARs. CRF must be used. A photograph as proof must be included.

On February 20, , more than a year after the appearance of the first draft, [ruleset 19] the SD x TV Release Standards document was released with the goal to bring quality control back to the SD releases.

According to the document x has become the most advanced H video encoder and compared to XviD it is able to provide higher quality and compression at greater SD resolutions.

It also allows better control and transparency over encoding settings. With CRF constant rate factor in the mix it can be ensured that a diverse array of material will get the most appropriate bitrate and not arbitrary fixed file sizes.

On March 29, an updated version of the rules were released. This time 22 groups supported the document.

On April 3, , the SD x TV Release Standard was updated with a new revision [ruleset 21] that aims to update the standards from to standards suitable for and the future.

Adding clarity and patching loopholes to once again allow for consistent and quality releases, which was the aim of this standard back in The video container in this revision was changed from mp4 to mkv which frustrated many users.

The idea was that the x encoder would be more suitable than Xvid. Its aim is to improve the overall quality of sports releases while retaining the compatibility that Xvid provides.

The latest High Definition x Standard is Revision 4. The releases are made available in a Matroska. The file size must be a multiple of MiB.

This is different for Xvid releases. This practice has been accepted by all nukenets, but it was never written down in an addendum to the ruleset.

Also the usage of both Dutch and Flemish audio tracks in one release has become a practice. There is a second ruleset from for x releases that has many similarities to the previous one, but it concentrates on BD5 and BD9 releases.

The mkv file accompanying this kind of release is MB smaller than a similar release following the other ruleset due to the overhead of the Blu-ray image that will be created.

On August 13, , the first version of the standard was released. This standard is only a recommendation for anime from Blu-ray and its purpose is to improve quality over the then current HDX standard.

The document reads that anime was always something special for the video codec experts at Doom9. Without anime there wouldn't be any VirtualDub or many other video related things at all.

The authors of the first document think this is not true because of the compatibility WMV-HD provides.

The changes in the ruleset were made because p was getting more and more popular and the authors felt it was necessary to lower the p bitrate minimum as well to show x lovers WMV is equal quality.

The video size wasn't determined by the length of the movie anymore, but by the minimum bitrate.

All nukes based on any other rules are unacceptable. SMeG was also added in later versions. WMV-HD was from then on purely quality driven by minimum bitrate.

This means that during those 30 days no other group can release an episode of the same show and season without being nuked. A p resolution dupes p but p does not dupe p.

Compression is not allowed. This category died out in favor of x MKV releases, a format that is ubiquitous for non pornographic ripped video in The first ever scene TV-x release, The.

According to them, this was the main reason for the crap releases in the HDTV scene. A fixed file size for the resulting. The standards first introduced CRF , instead of 2-pass based encoding.

In April , QCF released the first p x television ruleset shortly after one of their releases got nuked. In , a new standard was introduced for web -sourced files, covering standard and high definition video.

Web based streaming and video on-demand services have increased in popularity. They were initially used for missed broadcasts, but it evolved into a legitimate logo-free exclusive source for original content.

The scene requires DVD-Video releases to fit on a 4. According to the first nuke, the signing groups are crap. Few days later, an addendum was released.

Only a movie only rip was available. The new rip included things such as the white rabbit. The current Music video Council standard is version 6.

The movie file must not be split and an MP4 container must be used. The audio format is AAC. Standards for DVDR, paysite videos and imagesets have been released before.

At the start of the MP3 scene in , there was little organization or standardization. Due to broad support in hardware devices, unauthorized audio material is usually released in MP3 files at VBR quality.

In , new rules put forth that it is recommended to encode all files with Lame 3. In , new rules were introduced. Every release needs an ID3 v1.

Extra material that is available on the source material is allowed to be released. Flash storage mediums are allowed as sources to accommodate some retail releases made exclusively in those formats.

The early MP3 release groups, , were considered " lamers ", bottom feeders. To avoid previously made mistakes in the music scene, a group of elder sceners gathered to decide upon the rules.

A common understanding amongst all was that material from non-physical media can easily be of doubtful origin of source and hence of questionable quality.

The rules consider only physical media as a valid source and they must be followed very strictly.

Early , anonymous sceners voiced a concern that nukers lack technical understanding to nuke improperly ripped vinyl sources and showed examples of how the ruleset gets twisted or misinterpreted for minor issues.

In June later that year, 4 years after version 2. In response to version 3 of the rules, a scene notice called the rules invalid because it was not created by leading groups in the section or a council.

Application releases are usually split in two different categories, 0-day and ISO apps. This is the scene for game releases that are changed to minimize the size of the distributed files.

A first ten point document was made by "The Faction" in The grouping that created the rules that should be adhered to, and the rules themselves, were disbanded the following year.

The NSA rules, or "the new rules", outlines the codes of conduct regarding game ripping. Releasing can be done in two fields: games and applications.

It can also be done in two ways: it is possible to release disc images or groups can "rip". In the process of ripping, groups remove things such as introductory movies, multiple texture modes, big sound files and the like.

Some sites allow CCD images too, as defined in the site's rules. DOX is an abbreviation of documents or documentation manuals.

This category includes video game add-ons such as No-CDs , cracked updates, keygens , covers, trainers or cheat codes. This is due to their small size.

The console scene survived decades without rules. An example of a ruleset that did have such a limitation would be the deprecated TDX ruleset, but in the subsequent ruleset TDX2k1 this limitation was removed.

The first games released on a certain platform are often not playable because the console isn't cracked at the time.

On January 25, , the first game released for the N64 was Super Mario 64 by the group Anthrox and the console division of Swat.

No folders were used. Shortly before the closure of 64dd. The last releases listed were done by the group Carrot in The day before, Utopia released a Dreamcast BootCD that was capable of booting copies and imports on a non-chipped standard consumer model.

A lot of the first Xbox games were released by the group ProjectX on May 3, On December 8, , the first full game for the Xbox was released in the scene by the warez group PI.

A couple of minutes before that, they released an open source tool to extract Xbox dumps. The image of the Xbox game is a. As of January , there were more than 4, PS3 releases in the scene.

A first ruleset for the PlayStation 3 section was released on June 10, A new "VOID" ruleset was released the day after and was nuked for no.

The game was Red Steel. A large amount of these first releases were nuked. Another reason would be not trucha signed resulting not to be able to install.

In January , more than releases for the Wii were released in the scene. The disk image is a. Like other console scene firsts, the game isn't playable on the console yet.

This is the point in time when they first made the files available within the scene through their affiliated sites.

The release contained a 42GB. Just like with other console firsts, the 25GB. It has the same file structure as the PlayStation 3 games.

The extremely old firmware that was required to play these games was a major drawback. A handheld game console is a lightweight, portable electronic device with a built-in screen, game controls, speakers and replaceable and or rechargeable batteries or battery pack.

Handheld game consoles are run on machines of small size allowing people to carry them and play them at any time or place.

Unlike video game consoles, the controls, screen and speakers are all part of a single unit. However, like the 0day releases, due to their small size, these are often compressed into RAR files and then compressed into ZIP format; otherwise, they are simply compressed into ZIP format.

The Nintendo DS scene started out as an extension of the Game Boy Advance scene, and carried forward with mostly the same set of rules.

On May 31, a first ruleset was released with the goal of establishing a clear and concise listing of what should be expected of a valid Nintendo DS release.

Multiple of the 18 groups listed did not agree to sign the rules. The Scene has been doing. Also an NFO file is a must.

A patch is some modification or tool like a trainer, crack, language selector or save fix. The most common formats are.

BDF and. The directory name must include the text "NDS" and the group name. Nintendo 3DS releases use the. They included a picture of the dumper they used.

As of October , there are more than 3DS releases. Since then, no other group or person has publicly released any trainers. Unlike the games, there are standards for how to release movies for the PSP.

There were already a handful of other PSV tagged releases before, but these contained covers. The file format used for these newer dumps is.

The first traceable scene release of an e-book can be dated back to around the year Most countries got their own rules for the local ebook section in their country, but there's nothing similar for the whole world.

In , international ebook rules were created. It was a unified agreement applicable to all groups to ensure high quality ebook releases.

Some examples showing naming conventions:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Nuke warez. Further information: Pirated movie release types.

W4F Enjoy AVC goodness. Higher resolution quality release at a lower size is the way of the future.

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