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Far Cry ist ein deutsch-kanadischer Actionfilm von Uwe Boll nach dem gleichnamigen Far Cry (). Auf:, abgerufen am April ↑ Filmkritik. Eight Miles High Uschi Obermaier (). Gegengerade Natascha (). Far Cry Katia Chernov (). Known For. Storm of Love Vanessa Salamar (). /2 Ritter - Auf der Suche nach der hinreißenden Herzelinde Ritter Lanze. Far Cry Jack Carver. The Red Baron Voss. Already Dead. A future that's reality is a far cry from the one we live in today. The Earth has been sent out of control, affected by a cruel and inhuman mechanism that turns back. Much to my surprise,in spite of a bad reputation,the lines are often very funny,​and if it's a far cry from a masterpiece,it 's an entertaining comedy,certainly.

far cry imdb

/2 Ritter - Auf der Suche nach der hinreißenden Herzelinde Ritter Lanze. Far Cry Jack Carver. The Red Baron Voss. Already Dead. A future that's reality is a far cry from the one we live in today. The Earth has been sent out of control, affected by a cruel and inhuman mechanism that turns back. /2 Ritter - Auf der Suche nach der hinreißenden Herzelinde Luipold Trumpf. Far Cry Dr. Lucas Krieger. 4 gegen Z (TV Series) Zanrelot. It is essentially the same as the regular P08 save for having one less point in the "handling" stat, with the main benefit being that this variant can mount optics. Even uefa qualifikation we ignore the ridiculous quantity of content, and we focus only on the main storyline, we still get an amazing experience. This leaves only Krieger and his second-in-command, Jack and Valerie, and the cook alive. Community Hub. Dive into a transformed please click for source post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana, 17 years after a global nuclear catastrophe. Obviously this is not how the Skorpion actually operates. Retrieved 18 October

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Action Horror Western. Show all 17 episodes. Subscribe wick kinox Apple PodcastsSpotifyand wherever you get your podcasts! A future that's reality is a far more info from the one we live in today. Movie people of the Europe. Edit Cast Credited cast: Ramiro Just click for source Je l'aimais

The cook, Jack, and Valerie hijack a boat at the docks. When Krieger arrives at the docks shortly after while being chased by mutants, he finds the boat missing.

He turns around and screams as the screen fades to black. The film ends with Jack in a relationship with Valerie, while also continuing his work as a skipper.

Valerie, like Jack, also continues her work with the CIA. Jack hires the cook for his boat. Uwe Boll gained the rights to a Far Cry movie from Crytek , purportedly before the game was released.

Like most other films directed by Uwe Boll, Far Cry received negative reviews with most critics saying it does the games no justice.

IGN gave the film a 3 out of 10 and said "Perhaps one day game companies will learn to be more particular about the directors they choose to realize their products on the big screen.

Fans of the game, and fans of movies in general, would be wise to avoid this one at all costs. Unless, of course, your purpose is to mock.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Far Cry German-language poster. Krieger Mike Dopud as Sgt. Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 25 March Films directed by Uwe Boll.

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German-language poster. Far Cry by Crytek Ubisoft. It uses the older Bolt-Up system with six bolts: the current version only has four, deleting the two at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions.

The weapon has semi, auto, and three-round burst fire modes available, even though the selector only has three positions in practice this means semi is depicted correctly but burst and auto both have the selector in the auto position , and has HK-style white and red fire mode markings.

It feeds from round PMAGs with Ranger Plates: the grip ribs on these are rather shallow and get into the realm of complete fiction towards the rear.

The rear sight has two V-notch settings, only one of which can actually be used. While Picatinny rear sights with a notch in place of the large aperture exist, a sight with both settings as notches is extremely unusual and may well be completely fictional.

A "super" variant with a round magazine, suppressor and red dot sight appears as a special weapon in Dead Living Zombies. The weapon's bolt release paddle is in its normal position when the weapon is idle, but pops out when the weapon is firing.

This is likely an animation error. In the hand-drawn intro of Hours of Darkness , Vietcong soldiers are shown holding AKs , with both slab-sided and ribbed magazines.

They use the game's regular AKM during actual gameplay. While the strange AK that appeared in Far Cry 3 and 4 has now been replaced with an AKM, the old model is briefly seen in phone footage that the Deputy views in the game's opening cutscene.

An AKM missing its optic mounting bracket replaces the strange AK rifle seen in the previous two installments. Like the AR-C, it has a fire selector with full auto, semi-auto, and three round burst modes available.

The selector on the model only has the normal AK setting stops, and does not move to reflect the firemodes anyway: it is always in the fully down semi auto position.

The "AK-M" variant features a rather interesting rail layout: rather than using a rail-top handguard, it has a half-handguard with side and underside rails, a railed gas tube, and a part-length rail on top of the receiver cover extending back from a standard rear sight block, which appears to be a fictional part-length version of the Parabellum Armament AKARS rail.

It has a "birdcage" style flash hider rather than a standard AK version, an illuminated front sight pin, an AR-style stock adaptor with a stock heavily based on a Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist AR stock, and uses magazines that seem to be a sort of halfway house between Magpul and Tapco AK mags.

The two "prestige" AK variants both use the name "AK-MS" which should mean they have underfolding stocks, but neither does. Instead, their main feature is barrels shortened to the point the front sight is mounted directly in front of the gas block: it could be assumed the "S" in these names is supposed to stand for "short" rather than "Skladnoy" "Collapsible" or "Folding" in Russian, used to denote weapons with folding or retractable stocks.

Oddly the AK is the highest-level weapon in the rifle category, requiring a resistance level of 5 for the basic AKM and six for the custom version.

Hours of Darkness introduces an M16A1 as one of the available weapons: it has a forward assist, the correct "birdcage" flash hider, and a triangular handguard, and has a tape-and-string handling loop on the magazine.

It is very obviously a reskin of the base game's "AR-C," featuring the ridiculous fire rate and completely identical stats to the 1.

However, an M16A1 with a suppressor is the first suppressed rifle the player is likely to find, offering some utility for stealth.

Wendell's buddy Joker also uses an M16A1 if the player manages to rescue him from captivity and selects him as an AI companion.

Like the other weapons from Hours of Darkness , the M16A1 only has a single default paint scheme in the main game. The Live Event reward variant, known as "Infinite Fun," was earned as a reward for playing on featured maps in the game's Arcade mode.

The color scheme for the prestige variant is the same theme as the "4 Color Fun" skin for the Live Event reward TDI Vector, which was awarded for similar accomplishments in Arcade.

It has the same stats as the "AR-C" as of the 1. As usual, a standard version was released the following Tuesday, with the default paint scheme an all-over black with HK-style fire selector markings like the real weapon.

Unsurprisingly, the developers did not want to deal with modelling translucent magazines, and so all of the paint schemes use an opaque magazine the same color as the gun.

In the group photo that appears at the end of Hours of Darkness reflecting what side-objectives the player has completed, picking up enough cigarette lighters from downed American pilots will result in either one or two carbines with helmets on their stocks being shown: a soldier will also be holding one of these rifles if some condition or other has been fulfilled.

These appear to be M4 Carbines , as they have mounting screws on their carry handles and the standing soldier's gun has a step in the barrel.

These should not be present, as the M4 did not exist until the mid-nineties: a Colt Model XME2 Carbine would fit if it is assumed the game takes place at the very end of the war no date is ever given.

The gun on the left is also mirrored from the one on the right: an odd decision since the standing soldier holds his rifle with the right side facing the camera and it is shown correctly.

The weapon never appears in the game itself. It is placed in the rifle category, and unlocks at a resistance level of 1. It could be presumed that perhaps the developers were thinking of the Marlin Model , but the gun in the game has a square bolt rather than the round bolt and cutout ejection port of the It features an odd short magazine tube, which is at least reflected in a capacity of just 4 rounds, rather than the 6, 9 or 10 of the real weapon: there was originally also no extended magazine upgrade for it, though the 1.

Unlike the MP and SPAS, the empty reload does not include any animation of chambering a round at all, with the animation just showing the Deputy inserting rounds into the loading port.

Originally, the damage was fairly mediocre, more in line with the revolver cartridges the is actually chambered for rather than the extremely powerful.

This variant was originally just a cosmetic change to the standard version with the same stats, though it was changed drastically in the 1.

Unlike the cut-down Winchester Model in Far Cry 4 , it does not have any special cocking animations and does not count as a sidearm.

Like the "D2," its design reflects a purpose-built weapon rather than a cut-down one, since the barrel still has a front iron sight.

The "MS16" returns from the last two games, though this time the vanilla version is a left-handed M14 Rifle. It is semi-auto only despite clearly having a military fire selector, making up for this by being more powerful per shot than the "AR-C," though bizarrely it is less powerful per shot than the AK.

As with the SOCOM 16 in previous games, it defaults to an incorrect capacity of 15 rounds, which increases to the correct 20 if the extended magazine upgrade is equipped.

It unlocks at a resistance level of 2. Even more bizarrely, and completely incorrectly, it plays a stock M1 Garand "ping" sound when the last shot in the magazine is fired.

The weapon also appears in Hours of Darkness , where it is still called the MS16 and still restricted to semi-auto. One of the propaganda posters in Hours of Darkness shows a soldier with a bolt-action rifle which appears to be a Mosin Nagant.

During the intro to Hours of Darkness , one Vietcong soldier is shown carrying what appears to be a somewhat poorly-rendered Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine with a misshapen magazine and the bayonet too short and on the wrong side.

It does not appear in the game itself. Like the M14 it defaults to a magazine capacity of 15, which increases to the correct 20 with the extended magazine upgrade.

It unlocks at a resistance level of 3. Sniper rifles fire either standard rifle ammo or. While previous Far Cry games have used scope reticles unique to each sniper rifle, in 5 the reticle is instead dictated by the scope that is mounted on the rifle.

Strangely, it is still select-fire like its cousin: it defaults to semi-auto, but still has the same full-auto and burst modes. For balance reasons rather than due to any kind of logic, it has more recoil than the normal "AR-C" and only holds ten rounds despite using the same round mutant PMAG as the regular version: even the extended magazine only ups this to It is the replacement for the SVD in the previous games as the lowest-tier sniper rifle, and benefits from drawing from the plentiful assault rifle ammo pool, though per-shot power is not particularly high.

It has most of the same customization options as the "AR-C. In line with the videogame tradition of snipers being very sporting people who would never hide from anyone, NPC snipers have a laser sight on their rifles, which somehow comes out of the scope.

Enemies have red laser sights, while friendly NPCs have green ones. A rifle mostly based on the CZ appears as the " Carbine.

It is shown with a 3-round flush-fit magazine, which of course contains five rounds, or ten with the extended magazine upgrade.

Since the game's only explicit type of sniper rifle ammo is for the. The CZ is the second sniper rifle to unlock, requiring a resistance level of 3, and the only one which does not come with a scope by default.

It is a little strange that the weapons unlock in this order, given the CZ 's damage boost over the "AR-CL" is relatively puny and it has the downside of being bolt-action instead of select-fire.

It also anachronistically appears as the upper-tier sniper rifle in Hours of Darkness , almost always equipped with a suppressor and with a unique reskin with cloth wrapped around the scope, along with a new simple crosshair reticle.

As with the heavier sniper rifles in Far Cry 4 , it can pierce cover, though this ability has been neutered somewhat and only the special armor-piercing ammo replicates the old heavy sniper rifles' ability to kill any target which has already been highlighted more or less regardless of what is in the way.

Default ammo is still fairly powerful and can, for example, shoot through the entire length of a truck to kill the driver.

A gold-plated version is added to the player's inventory as a bonus for pre-ordering the Gold edition, and is also added for purchasing the Season Pass.

Oddly, the two. The Hard Target Interdiction is unlocked at a resistance level of 5, while the "Jacob's Rifle" version requires the player to defeat Jacob Seed in the North region.

The Gepard GM6 Lynx returns from Far Cry 4 as the "SA" presumably "semi-automatic 50" and is once again the most powerful sniper rifle and the last to unlock.

It is roughly equal to the Hard Target Interdiction in terms of per-shot power, but has the significant advantage of being semi-automatic.

It has the same limited range of add-ons, and the same ability to penetrate cover. GM6s are not incredibly common in the United States, as they only started to be imported in early any other semi-auto.

As with the round pistol mags, it is perhaps not a coincidence that the GM6 is one of the only commercially available semi-auto.

The GM6 is unlocked at a resistance level of 6, though the Prestige version can be purchased at any time. Like the other sniper rifles that are not.

Strangely, in the main game, the SVD's selection icon does not actually fit properly into the grid menu. Interestingly, it also shows the SVD without a scope, something not currently possible in the game.

Like the other Hours of Darkness weapons, the SVD only has one default paint scheme in the main game.

At release it also made no noise whatsoever when fired with a suppressor in the main campaign, as no suppressed firing sound was associated with it, and its kills counted as being made with an assault rifle rather than a sniper rifle: these were fixed in the 1.

All of the weapons in this category that are currently in the game fire "LMG" ammunition, even though only one of them is actually a light machine gun.

They can use either standard or armor-piercing ammunition. It is shown with many modern standard-issue M parts, but still mounts the old paratrooper stock: it is not a paratrooper version, however, since it has a full-length barrel.

It uses a round green plastic belt box. The M is unlocked at a resistance level of 4, though the Prestige version can be purchased at any time.

Up to patch 1. The 1. Hours of Darkness introduces a proper M60 Machine Gun as the only machine gun: strangely it is shown being used by Vietcong heavies, who would be much more likely to use an RPD or some variant of the Degtyaryov machine gun since at the time the PK machine gun was brand-new.

It is also used by Wendell's buddy Moses if the player rescues him and selects him as an AI companion. The M60 has the exact same stats as the M60E4 in the base game and is for all intents and purposes a reskin.

Like several other weapons, the M60 was unlocked in the main campaign's weapon shop for free for any DLC owner, appearing as the "MV" standing for "MVietnam," because the M60E4 had already decided to be called the M In the regular Far Cry 5 campaign, the M60 can use all of the same attachments as the M60E4, including the oversized suppressors.

Like all the Hours of Darkness weapons in the main campaign, it only has a single default paint scheme.

An M60E4 with a missing foregrip replaces the PKM from previous games as the low-end machine gun, and it is used by cult heavies.

Oddly, the handheld M60 has no belt box mount and is never shown with a box, instead just having a short belt of ammo that hangs in a curve for no apparent reason, other than possibly following the same school-of-thought that Ubisoft Massive did with the M60 variants in The Division.

It is not really noticeable in first-person view, but its absence is fully visible in third person. When mounting optics the front sight is removed, the rear folded down, and a RIS rail added to the receiver cover.

The M60 can also be upgraded with an extension to its nonexistent belt box, and rather more curiously can mount a suppressor. It is unlocked to purchase from the beginning of the game, and does not require any resistance level.

A strange modified variant of the M60E4 which does have a belt box appears mounted on some vehicles. An MG42 was added as the fourteenth Live Event's reward, with the Prestige "Buzzkill" version for some reason unlocked by killing ten enemies with shotgun slugs.

It is essentially the same as the version in Far Cry 4 , including the curious side-mounted grip, loose ammunition belt, and lack of a buttstock, though it has somewhat heavier recoil.

For the usual "balance reasons," it has the same damage rating as the 5. It defaults to a round belt, with the upgrade increasing this to to All launchers are placed in the "special" sub-menu along with the machine guns and a sci-fi shotgun-like microwave gun called the "Magnopulser," and fire a variety of ammunition types.

Also in this menu are two types of bow, a slower compound bow and a faster reflex bow from the previous games, which can both fire normal, incendiary or explosive arrows.

New to the bow category is a slingshot, which by default may seem like a useless gimmick since it is just a longer-ranged way to fire zero-damage stones that distract enemies, but bizarrely it can also be used to fire all three types of arrow and fires faster than the compound bow.

The poster itself is not real propaganda from the conflict, but the artwork is almost directly copied from an actual propaganda poster made during the war.

The Airtronic RPG would actually be appropriate for the setting, and arguably more so than even the original Soviet variant, as it is an American-produced weapon.

Unlike other entries in the series it can actually be upgraded, though only by swapping out the Far Cry 2 -style side-mounted iron sights for a single type of optic.

Unlike earlier games, the rockets have propellant vent holes and the reload animation shows the player character cocking the RPG-7 on-screen by pushing down the lever-like device at the rear of the front grip, which is actually the spur of a revolver-style hammer that strikes upwards: this was previously not an issue because the older games tended to hide the RPG-7's front grip and thus whether this was happening or not before readying it.

Sadly the reload is not all roses as the rocket being inserted is just a rocket: previous games had the rocket's tail assembly attached but no booster charge around it, but this time around even that is missing.

The two rocket launchers each have their own unique behaviour when used with the special "cluster" ammo explosive and incendiary : on the RPG-7, this switches it to use a round which more closely resembles the TBG-7V thermobaric rocket.

The RPG-7's special rockets fly in a long arc and seem to try to detonate a set distance above the ground, firing a ridiculous shotgun-like blast of explosive or explosive incendiary submunitions diagonally forward.

If the round hits a target before doing this, it will explode like a standard rocket. The fifth Live Event added a special variant of the RPG-7, the "Shovel Launcher:" this was acquired for killing and skinning 10 wolves, apparently to gather their collars.

It is not particularly difficult to guess what this variant does, particularly when the "aimed" fire mode for the shovel melee weapon already throws it like a javelin.

It runs on special "shovel rounds" and functions rather like the Harpoon Gun from the previous game, including the use of ridiculous knockback physics and allowing the recovery of fired shovels in the same manner as arrows.

When the challenge ended a Prestige version called "Big Farma" see what they did there? Oddly, the RPG-7 model from Far Cry 4 can also be found in the game, using the updated rocket model from 5 with exhaust vent holes, and the new version's reload animation.

It is somewhat oddly coded and is probably a placeholder that was not replaced: on the store menu it has no entry, does not count as the same weapon as the hybrid RPG-7 since selecting that RPG-7 will pull up the assign screen rather than the customize menu , and the game will refer to the slot containing it as empty when assigning weapons.

Its quick-select menu icon is missing from the game files: the selection slot containing it will instead show the icon for whatever weapon was in that slot before it was picked up below it appears to have an icon because it was picked up to replace game's "normal" RPG The Carl Gustav M4 M3E1 in current US trials is the game's high-level rocket launcher, unlocking at a resistance level of 4 thought it can be acquired before this if the player completes the mission to recruit Hurk as a buddy and then kills him while he is holding it afterwards , and is referred to as the "RAT4" presumably "Recoilless, Anti Tank".

The M2 version was previously featured as the high-level rocket launcher in Far Cry 2 and an M3 appeared as a weapon icon in the fourth game.

The in-game version swaps the front and rear grips, presumably so that the third-person hand positions for the RPG-7 can be re-used. By default it will launch dumbfire rockets when not aimed and extremely manoeuvrable line-of-sight guided missiles when using the sights.

By applying the single optional scope upgrade it gains the additional ability to lock on to vehicles, most usefully aircraft: it is a little fiddly since the lock-on time is quite long and the target box in the scope fairly small.

If a missile is fired while locked on it is fire-and-forget, and cannot be redirected in-flight. These are all fictional; while the M4 is planned to use programmable ammunition, no rounds other than standard dumbfires currently exist.

The artistically licensed LPO flamethrower from Far Cry 3 and 4 returns in the fifth installment, totally identical to its predecessors both in model and in gameplay performance.

It has no mods other than colour schemes, though there is a Prestige version called "Flames On Flames. As in previous games it is a built-up fictional configuration with a single detachable fuel tank that fires a constant stream.

The real LPO does not work like this at all, since rather than using gas to pressurize its fuel, it uses explosive compression charges.

As a result each fuel tank is a fired as a fixed-duration second "shot" which is ignited by one of the three pyrotechnic igniter cartridges at the muzzle.

Oddly, flamethrower heavies wear an M2 Flamethrower backpack along with it: there is no connection between this and the LPO, and it seems to be filled with dynamite given the spectacular detonation that results from hitting it.

The first Live Event, which challenged players to set fire to animals without using molotovs or a flamethrower or the repair torch, which can ignite flammable objects and seems to count as a flamethrower despite requiring the player character be physically touching their target , gave a free Prestige flamethrower called "Flamebearer" for 20 such kills.

Far Cry players being Far Cry players, the 1-week all-players goal of 50, such kills in total for some other unlocks was exceeded five times over within a day.

Yet another Prestige flamethrower, the "Cleansing Fire," seems to have been added in the update for the second weekly challenge.

It also appears in Hours of Darkness where it is used by Vietcong heavies and can sometimes be founds hidden in camps.

The M79 grenade launcher returns from Far Cry 4 with its stock sawed off and barrel cut down slightly to remove the front sight: as before this is probably based on the cut-down "pirate gun" M79 used by US Special Forces, though the latter is a much more drastic modification with the barrel cut down to just in front of the rear sight bracket, the rear sight removed, and a small reflex sight fitted to the barrel just in front of the breech.

It retains the mystical machinery that allows its front sight to magically flip up on its own whenever the user aims down its sights.

Like its previous iteration, the game classifies it as a sidearm, thus allowing it to be fired one-handed while driving a vehicle without fixed weapons or using a zip line.

The "sidearm takedown" now uses the Deputy's sidearm rather than pulling an M or Desert Eagle from nowhere, which can have some, shall we say, unfortunate results if the sidearm in question is the M It is thus far the only grenade launcher in the game.

It is somewhat depowered compared to the previous game, with per-shot power more comparable to Far Cry 4's QLZ , and is certainly nothing compared to the explode-everything-in-one-hit weapon from Far Cry 2.

It unlocks at a resistance level of 6. Two types of C4 explosives can be acquired, both of which seem to be flattened-out M demolition charges though the lettering is obscured with various bits and pieces added to them to represent detonator circuitry.

Remote C4 curiously only seems to allow the placement of one block at a time since throw and detonate use the same button, while proximity C4 charges can be placed freely.

The Deputy cannot set off proximity charges they have placed themselves, and both types of C4 can be picked up again if desired.

Standard 8-inch, 8oz sticks of dynamite are available as thrown explosives, thrown in the same manner as grenades. Dynamite has a longer fuse than grenades, but also creates a much larger explosion, and is especially effective at destroying vehicles.

Like grenades, the fuse on dynamite can be "cooked" by holding the throw button this is fairly easy since the fuse visibly burns , and like all thrown weapons it can still be thrown while driving a vehicle.

Making dynamite with the crafting system requires two units of "nitro," and more questionably two "casings" and two "fasteners.

An M18 smoke grenade that incorrectly produces grey smoke can be used for screening or to confuse enemies: enemies have also developed a disturbing fondness for throwing smoke grenades directly at the player character or in front of themselves if no cover is near them when they are attacked.

Old habits have sadly returned and the thrown and pickup model of the M18 are the same, meaning that when thrown it still has the pin and spoon attached.

The M18 is incorrectly depicted as a bursting-type smoke grenade with the casing vanishing entirely when it detonates and the smoke cloud instantly reaching its full size: the M18 is actually a burning-type grenade and continues to create smoke for seconds.

The M26 Hand Grenade is, as in the previous games, the main fragmentation grenade used by the Deputy and enemies, and retains the egg-timer ticking sound heard when thrown in the previous two games.

It is a little less common for the player to actually end up using the M26, since unlike the dynamite it cannot be crafted.

Another tool in the rather needless variety of explosives are pipe bombs, which use a burning fuse like the Dynamite.

Despite being more or less the poster child for improvised explosives, pipe bombs cannot be crafted.

Oddly, all mounted machine guns are considered to be part of the "LMG" category of weapons for purposes of in-game challenges, even though they are general-purpose or heavy machine guns.

As has become standard for mounted guns in Far Cry games, they have infinite ammunition and never need to be reloaded, and are instead governed by a heat gauge.

The Deputy still subscribes to the patented Jason Brody method of dealing with heat build-up, and will pull the charging handle to make it not hot if it overheats.

They are also seen thoughout Hours of Darkness being used by the Vietcong: this is a little strange since Far Cry 4 had a DShK model that could have been given a fresh coat of paint and used instead.

Several ground and air vehicles in the game are shown armed with Browning M2 Aircraft machine guns, which are fitted with the muzzle booster cap of a Browning M3.

These M2s, aside from those internally mounted in the wings of the old fighter planes, are always in the spade-grip "flexible" configuration, which was intended to be manned directly by support gunners inside aircraft.

The "fixed" configuration would be more appropriate for most of them, and precisely how some of them are actually fired is unclear.

For reasons that are not entirely clear, in the final game Nick Rye's plane "Carmina" switches from having twin underwing Browning M2 Aircraft machine guns as was shown in previews to a chin-mounted rotary gun: this looks like an oversized M Minigun.

The mounting has no room to fit a drive mechanism and there is no obvious ammunition source or ejection port on the cannon fairing. Presumably this was done to make the missions in Nick's plane easier than they would be if it had the slower-firing wing-mounted guns that the other variants have.

During the game's 1. Among them is a KS antiaircraft gun. In the actual DLC these guns form a side-objective: until they are destroyed, Wendell cannot call in airstrikes, and when they are destroyed he receives a "recon plane" which adds local areas of interest to the map in a similar manner to the old radio towers.

The KS is shown as if it is a rapid-fire cannon during the scene that introduces AA sites as an objective, which it is not: while it does have a semi-automatic mechanism with an autoloading tray and automatic rammer, the rate of fire was on average about 15 rounds per minute with a man crew.

With the one-man crew the guns tend to be shown with, the rate of fire would be rather closer to zero rounds per minute. The guns are never shown firing while they are on screen: even if the player is in the "Action Movie" mode unlocked after completing the game once which allows airstrikes to be called in at any time, they will not even try to engage aircraft that are targeting them directly.

The game's handheld M60E4 also exists in a very unusual configuration as a mounted weapon, with spade grips attached to the back of the stock.

This appears to have been created by someone who had seen an M60D but did not quite understand what they were looking at: the most obvious proof of this is that the in-game weapon has no linkage between the spade grips and the trigger mechanism.

Mounted versions have infinite ammo and are governed by a heat gauge. In the M60's case, if it is allowed to overheat, just hitting it a couple of times seems sufficient to banish the warmth from it and get it working again.

The same mounted M60E4 model is also used in Hours of Darkness : this is highly anachronistic, since the M60E4 did not exist until the s.

The same M mortars seen in Far Cry 4 are found around the map. As before, they are relatively difficult to use since there is no tutorial for how they are supposed to work and unlike Far Cry 2 the weapon has no range indicator when not using the sights.

Surreally, the sight appears to be linked to a geosynchronous satellite, providing a high overhead view, now with the reticle illuminated in green.

In 5 , there seem to be two types of M, though it is not visually clear what type a given mortar is. One is the same as before, firing an extremely powerful submunition round seemingly based around the same non-conservation-of-mass technology usually seen in videogame depictions of white phosphorous; this rains bomblets over a wide area and can destroy anything it hits.

This type is extremely rare: one appears at the end of the storyline mission "The Cleansing" in the southern area, Holland Valley. The standard type fires a single-warhead point-detonating explosive round, and is harder to use due to the decreased area of effect.

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An ex-special forces soldier turned boatman is hired by a journalist to investigate a top-secret military base on a nearby island.

Director: Uwe Boll. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Everything New on Netflix in June. Tierhorror und andere Kunst. Prime Video On Demand.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Til Schweiger Jack Carver Emmanuelle Vaugier Valerie Cardinal Natalia Avelon Katia Chernov Udo Kier Lucas Krieger Chris Coppola Emillio Ralf Moeller Max Cardinal Craig Fairbrass General Roderick Suzanne Ristic Theresa Jay Brazeau Ralph Mike Dopud Leader Steffen Mennekes Young Mercenary Michael Robinson Tourist George Carrie Genzel Learn more More Like This.

BloodRayne Action Adventure Fantasy. Alone in the Dark Action Horror Sci-Fi. A detective of the paranormal slowly unravels mysterious events with deadly results.

Capital Punishment Action Crime Thriller. Rampage: President Down House of the Dead Action Adventure Horror. Postal Action Comedy Crime.

BloodRayne: The Third Reich Rayne joins a resistence group to fight against the Nazis during world war two.

BloodRayne 2: Deliverance Video Action Fantasy Western. Attack on Darfur Drama War. Rampage House of the Dead 2 TV Movie Action Comedy Horror.

Edit Storyline Jack Carver, a German ex-special forces soldier turned boatman, is hired by Valerie Cardinal, a journalist, to take her to a nearby island where her uncle Max works in a top-secret research facility, smuggling information out.

Edit Did You Know? Goofs While mercenaries chase down Valerie and Jack with boats, Parker's pistol is shown to be empty in close shot slide is locked to back-position.

In the next cut the weapon is reloaded again slide is where it is supposed to , but in the next shot immediately after it the gun is empty again.

Quotes [ from trailer ] Dr. Krieger : [ From Trailer ] You're just a simple boat man. Jack Carver : I didn't say anything about being simple.

Alternate Versions German theatrical version was precut by the distributor before submission to the FSK. The submitted version with reduced violence was rated "Not under 16".

This was done because they anticipated the film would be rated "Not under 18". However, when the film was submitted to the FSK in its uncut form for home video, the film was rated "Not under 16", too, meaning the precut version was completely unnecessary because the guidelines for home video are more severe than for theatrical releases.

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Stand up to cult leader Joseph Seed, and his siblings, the Heralds, to spark the fires of resistance and liberate the besieged community.

Dive into a transformed vibrant post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana, 17 years after a global nuclear catastrophe. Join fellow survivors and lead the fight against the dangerous new threat the Highwaymen, and their ruthless leaders The Twins, as they seek to take over the last remaining resources.

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: General Mature Content.

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Games Games. Software Software. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Lead the fight against the Highwaymen, as they seek to take over the last remaining resources.

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Franchise: Far Cry. Share Embed. Add to Cart. Add all DLC to Cart. About This Game Dive into a transformed vibrant post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana, 17 years after a global nuclear catastrophe.

Jack Carver : Roadtrip kroatien didn't say anything about being simple. As opinion lone survivor full movie deutsch think become standard for mounted guns in Far Cry games, they have infinite ammunition and never need to be reloaded, and are instead governed by a heat gauge. House of the Dead 2 TV Movie He is also able to carry up to four types of thrown objects; three are grenades explosive, flashbang, and smoke while the fourth is an infinite supply rocks for distracting guards. As in previous more info it is a built-up fictional configuration with a single detachable fuel tank that fires a constant stream. The two "prestige" AK variants both use the name "AK-MS" which should mean they have underfolding stocks, but neither does. Generally favorable reviews - based on 31 Critic Reviews What's this? Someday You'll Return. Max Cardinal Craig Fairbrass Known For. Edit page. Taglines: Todos escondemos un gran secreto. Writers: Jürgen MatthäiMirko Schulze idea tatort ulrich tukur. Donnant donnant Certificate: Tous publics Comedy. music teacher at a catholic school for students with learning disabilities. His approach to music education, a far cry from hitting a few notes on a triangle which. (). BloodRayne Sound Department. (). Far Cry Sound Department Far Cry (re-recording mixer). Alone in the Dark II (Video) (re-recording​. in Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie, Poland as Natalia Siwek. She is an actress, known for Eight Miles High (), Gegengerade () and Far Cry (). /2 Ritter - Auf der Suche nach der hinreißenden Herzelinde Luipold Trumpf. Far Cry Dr. Lucas Krieger. 4 gegen Z (TV Series) Zanrelot. Far Cry 5 (Video Game) Dr. Charles Lindsey (voice). Final Fantasy XV​: Episode Ignis (Video Game) Ravus Nox Fleuret (German version, voice). Maria Hellmann Benjamin Seidel Self - Cook. Trivia: After studying German at the university for two years to become a teacher, he attended acting lessons at a drama school in Cologne. Tatjana Baumann. Admiral Codi. Bajo la Rosa retrieves the complexity and the mastership of the times when great european source were able to make true Art on screen. Before The Winter Chill far cry imdb

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Genres: Comedy. Show all 7 episodes. Technical Https:// Was this review helpful to you? More info not—Hulu just re-upped their streaming offerings with great new shows and movies. Self - Candidate. Luna Paul Schulze They take great pleasure in their one vacation a year together without partners and meet-up regularly to spend evenings drinking or Willy stays in a luxury hotel ,and brings back some food to his pal ,always waiting on the sand. Self - Joker. Days dionisi stefano by without any news about the girl. Tous publics 1h 35min Comedy 17 February France. Plot Click at this page. Added to Watchlist. User Reviews. Given the very poor rating of the movie on IMDb ,I expected the worst. Movie people of the Europe. Medieval post-production Rosenberg. Clear your history. Er hört Wagner und malt, sein Gesamtkunstwerk sind continue reading animalischen Zombiekampfmaschinen, die sein Auftraggeber für den Kriegseinsatz ob ihrer Hirnarmut ablehnt.

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