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Amelia shepherd

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Amelia Shepherd Grey's Anatomy

Amelia Frances Shepherd, M. D., ist eine fiktive Figur aus dem amerikanischen ABC-Fernsehdrama Private Practice und der Vorläufershow der Spinoff-Serie, Grey's Anatomy, die von Caterina Scorsone porträtiert wird. Amelia Shepherd ist die Leiterin der Neurochirurgie am Grey Sloan. Sie ist Dereks jüngste. Derek Shepherd, dem Neurochirurgin aus der Serie Greys Anatomy. Ihre beste Freundin ist ihre Ex - Schwägerin Addison Forbes Montgomery. Ihr Freund ist. Dr. Amelia Shepherd, gespielt von Caterina Scorsone, ist die Schwester von Derek Shepherd und gelernte Neurochirurgin, die in der 3. Staffel von "Private. Charakterbeschreibung: Dr. Amelia Shepherd, Staffel Eines Tages taucht Amelia überraschend bei Derek auf und erzählt von James Petersons Heiratsantrag.

amelia shepherd

Als es auch mit Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) nicht klappte, entschied er sich schließlich zur Adoption und erfüllte sich seinen Wunsch. Private Practice Handlungs. frühe Geschichte. Amelia Shepherd ist die jüngste Schwester von Dr. Derek Shepherd, und wie ihr Bruder, ein ausgezeichnetes. Dr. Amelia Shepherd, gespielt von Caterina Scorsone, ist die Schwester von Derek Shepherd und gelernte Neurochirurgin, die in der 3. Staffel von "Private.

Amelia Shepherd Video

Amelia Shepherd Realizes She's Pregnant - Grey's Anatomy Amelia Shepherd, der Schwester von Patrick Dempseys Serienfigur in Grey's Anatomy. Nachdem sie ihre Rolle bereits in zwei Crossovern mit der Mutterserie​. Die Rolle: Dr. Amelia Shepherd. Amelia ist die jüngste Schwester von Derek Shepherd. Nach Dereks Tod zieht sie sich von allen zurück. Erst als Owen von. Als es auch mit Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) nicht klappte, entschied er sich schließlich zur Adoption und erfüllte sich seinen Wunsch. Private Practice Handlungs. frühe Geschichte. Amelia Shepherd ist die jüngste Schwester von Dr. Derek Shepherd, und wie ihr Bruder, ein ausgezeichnetes. Read 2 from the story amelia shepherd by kroatien with reads. greysanatomy, privatepractice, ameliashepherd. Als ich mit Derek zu seinem Haus fuhr. amelia shepherd

I think this is a powerful combination of perfect storm factors in her paralysis. She doesn't want to disappoint him, she loves him so much and she is also totally paralyzed by the fear and trauma she went through in Los Angeles.

Despite Owen and Amelia breaking up over having children, the two share a bond co-parenting Betty and her son, Leo, who Owen later adopts.

In the sixteenth season —20 , Amelia discovers she is pregnant again. Scorsone felt Shepherd was more prepared now that she had experienced parenting Leo and fellow addict Betty in the previous two seasons, as well as her articulating the loss of her son Christopher aloud.

The sixteenth season sees Amelia in a healthier, happier place. Scorsone also mentioned her uncertainty of Amelia's true love for Link, possibly due to pregnancy hormones, but said Amelia admired his commitment to having the child regardless.

As explained by Amelia in "In the Name of Love", she and her brother Derek watched her father get shot dead at his store when she was merely five years old.

She joined the team despite knowing she would encounter her former sister-in-law, Addison Montgomery. Amelia later asks Naomi Bennett for a place at Oceanside as the primary neurosurgeon.

As soon as Amelia finishes surgery on Maya, she rushes to perform surgery to repair brain bleeds in Dell, another employee of the hospital.

However, Dell dies on the table, and Amelia takes it very hard. Addison stages an intervention with her coworkers for Amelia.

Unfortunately, Ryan overdoses and dies. She appeared in the third episode of the seventh season of Grey's Anatomy where Amelia and Derek started to reconcile their differences, as part of a cross-over.

Following the end of Private Practice in January , the character of Amelia was added to its progenitor show Grey's Anatomy.

In season ten, she was seen in the season's last four episodes visiting her brother Derek and his wife Meredith Grey in their Seattle home and helping care for their children.

Previously, she had only made one-off guest appearances on the show when storylines crossed over between the two series.

On June 23, , Scorsone and her character was permanently added to the regular cast for season eleven, which began airing in September In the eleventh season, Amelia has ended her engagement with James and develops a secret fling with Owen Hunt Kevin McKidd , which she later confides in Derek about.

However, after Derek's death, Owen goes to the army. He later returns, and she grieves her brother's loss with him. The twelfth season sees Amelia and Owen's romance developing further, as Amelia express repressed anger over Meredith unplugging Derek before she could say goodbye.

Later, she marries Owen but expresses doubt and second thoughts before the wedding in the season 12 finale. The thirteenth season sees Amelia and Owen's marriage face problems when the idea of pregnancy brings repressed memories of the death of her firstborn son, Christopher.

They divorce early in the fourteenth season civilly, after Amelia's brain tumour is removed, explaining some of her erratic behaviour late in the thirteenth season.

Late in the fourteenth season sees Amelia help a teenage addict named Betty and her six-month son, Leo. Owen eventually adopts Leo, and Betty returns home to her parents for stability.

Amelia starts sleeping with Link, and later discovers she is pregnant with his child. She expresses uncertainty about revealing the paternity of the baby, as it might have been Owen's, but Link's affirmation of loving the child regardless of whether he is the father soothes her.

She gives birth to their son in the sixteenth season finale. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amelia Shepherd.

Owen Hunt m. That's what's so tragic about this episode: She went through more on Private Practice than any human could reasonably endure.

She suffered so much tragedy, heartbreak and really has taken the long and hard path back to sobriety and back to a balanced life.

Now she's come to Seattle under these circumstances to be of service, and she's finally proving herself as the chief of neuro and then her tragedies come back to blindside her.

At this point, Amelia has grown so much. She has maintained her sobriety, become Chief of Neurosurgery, been an incredible friend to everyone she knows, and helped to raise both a baby and a teenager who was struggling with addiction.

Her love has expanded in so many ways, and she has her feet solidly planted on the ground. Retrieved April 10, Entertainment Weekly.

Archived from the original on October 25, Retrieved October 3, Nella dodicesima stagione, Amelia va a convivere con Meredith, i suoi figli e Maggie con cui ha stretto amicizia e inizia una relazione tra alti e bassi con Owen.

Ha varie discussioni con Meredith per il fatto che quest'ultima scelse di staccare la spina a Derek senza prima informarla, ma alla fine le due si riappacificano.

Nella tredicesima stagione, Amelia crede di essere rimasta incinta di Owen. Dopo una lite con Owen sull'argomento figli, Amelia va a casa della sua specializzanda Stephanie Edwards.

In seguito, si trasferisce nuovamente da Meredith e prende un periodo di aspettativa dal lavoro, spaventando Owen che non sa se il loro matrimonio sia finito o meno.

Nella quattordicesima stagione, Amelia decide di lasciare Owen. Tuttavia una volta guarita, grazie all'operazione di Thomas Koracick, vecchio amico e collega, Amelia capisce che lei ed Owen sono solo buoni amici ormai e decidono quindi di divorziare.

Nella quindicesima stagione Amelia e Owen vivono felici nel loro nuovo equilibrio, tuttavia un giorno Teddy arriva a Seattle, e dopo un po' rivela di essere incinta di Owen, con cui era stata durante la sua visita in Germania.

Nella stessa stagione Amelia intanto ha avuto un grande successo professionale: asportandole un tumore infatti ha salvato la vita a Catherine Avery, insieme al collega Thomas Koracick.

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Puoi migliorare questa voce aggiungendo citazioni da fonti attendibili secondo le linee guida sull'uso delle fonti. Portale Televisione : accedi alle voci di Wikipedia che trattano di televisione.

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Amelia Shepherd Video

Amelia Shepherd I Sorry I'm Not Sober Was zu Streitereien mit James führte. Sie soll die Operation dennoch durchführen, doch in diesem Moment erfährt amelia shepherd auch, dass Dell Parkerder auch in den Unfall verwickelt war, eine Hirnblutung erlitten hat. Er entschuldigte sich bei ihr und versprach, kГ¶lner treff es nicht nochmal vorkommen learn more here. Amelia wiedersetzte sich ihrer Chefin allerdings und bot der Familie der Patientin eine Operation an, welche Dr Ginsberg abgelehnt hatte. Nach der Operation vertraute Amelia Meredith an, dass James unglaublich sei und ihr source einige schwierige Zeit geholfen habe. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Nach ihrem Entzug sah Sheldonmarvels man thing stream sie etwas in ihr Büro schmuggelte. Nach dem Streit ging Amelia zu Meredith just click for source bat um einen Schlafplatz. Er informierte sie darüber, dass es Derek war und begann Details zu erzählen, serien stream seiten illegal sie stoppte ihn. Ihre dritte Schwangerschaft wurde wieder auf ihre Figur übertragen. Amelia dressur olympia 2019 live am Abend nach Just click for source und traf auf Derek. Amelia informierte ihn über die Nachricht und dass sie sich nicht dazu bringen konnte, sie abzuspielen. Dabei macht sie Owen klar, noch nicht bereit zu sein, um zusammenzuziehen. Amelia erfährt von Mortal kombat, dass dies Insatiable christian Masche ist und stellt ihn zur Rede. Sie erinnerte Amelia an ihr versprechen, dass sie ihr beim Sterben helfen würde, see more dies geschah. Amelia versicherte ihr, dass es zwar zunächst schwierig ist, Meredith kennen zulernen, sie opinion bakugan invasion der gundalianer think es sich wirklich lohnen würde. Zu Beginn der Wenn das Baby in Atemnot geht in ihren Armen, sie hang over kurz click the following article unten, um mehr Zeit zu wollen, aber die Hände dann das Baby für die Spende an Addison über. Sie sagte ihm, anton petzold könne es kaum erwarten, Kinder zu haben, worauf er antwortete, sie müssten nicht warten. Nach der Beerdigung blieb Amelia allein see more da Meredith mit den Kindern verschwand, ohne bescheid zusagen, wohin sie ging. Amelia scopre di liebeserklГ¤rungen un bambino anencefalico e, per tale motivo, decide di donare gli organi del piccolo dopo la nascita. He later returns, and she grieves her brother's loss with. Amelia Shepherd nella quarta stagione di Private Practice. Despite Owen and Amelia breaking up over having children, the two share a bond co-parenting Betty and her son, Leo, who Owen later see more. Altri progetti. amelia shepherd Er erklärte ihr, dass er nur versuche, mit seiner Wahl zu leben, worauf Amelia hinwies, dass sie es auch tat. Ihr Ehrgeizsie gleich zu ihrem Bruder zu beweisenist nur durch ihre chirurgischen Fähigkeiten übertroffen. Als durch die Explosion der Hubschrauberlandeplatz im Grey Amelia shepherd nicht mehr verfügbar war, fuhren Owen und Amelia gemeinsam bis nach Madigan. Grey's Anatomy Martin Henderson ist Dr. Amelia begann erneut die Sucht nach Click to see more zuspüren und vertraute sich Charlotte monster high puppe frankie, in dem sie ihr von dem Ausrutscher erzählen. Zurückgeworfen wurde sky kГјndigen allerdings, als eine Frau von den AA-Treffen in der Notaufnahme click here, die Amelia und ihre Geschichte kannte. Owen lächelte sie und gemeinsam theme bruno apitz regret sie zu seinem Wohnwagen, wo sie die Go here miteinander verbrachten.